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No More Casualties: The War On Smoking.

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No More Casualties: The War On Smoking.

Nomorecasualties.org is a public awareness and educational campaign, headed by Stefan Didak and many others by NOT Blowing Smoke. They directly challenge the public health community and legislators to tell the TRUTH about vaping. Their message is this: "It's time to stop making Americans, especially veterans, casualties of the war on smoking."

See their new campaign video.

VapeAffair.com, will begin doing our part to provide military personnel with our best foot forward in servicing them with quick same-day handling time, a complementary bottle of our very own, Uncharted E-Liquids, and will ship to any military outpost USPS allows us to ship to (please see Military Orders for more details).

We also do our very best to fight this war on smoking and will continue to educate others and voice our opinion's at 'City Hall' and believe with our voices combined, we can and WILL make an impact on future legislation. 

Check out No More Casualties and NOT Blowing Smoke for the facts and newest updates on the battle that is not smoke.