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Here's a new Juic(e)y Update!

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Hey Vape Affair Fam! 

Are you looking for some new juice to vape on? Within this last month, we picked up a variety of new juices, one fit for everyone's preferred flavor profile!

To start off on the new juice lines, we have Boyd's Bounty. Boyd's Bounty is described as a creamy oatmeal and raisin cookie with tobacco. This juice is perfect for those looking for a creamy tobacco flavor!

Since it's that time of year, get ready for the holidays with Peppermint Cloudz new juice, Grapermint, a nice grape flavor mixed with Peppermint Cloudz signature peppermint flavor!

Now, for all of our do-nut lovers, D'oh Nuts coming in with TWO juices for you! The first juice is Pebbles D'oh Nuts, milky do-nut topped with fruity pebbles. The second juice, D'oh Nuts, another milky do-nut topped with a strawberry glaze.

Another new juice line now available at Vape Affair is Sticky Fingers, with three juices to choose from. Angry Dolphin, a blackberry vanilla custardBoobie Sweat, a skittles flavor for our candy lovers; and Lemonilla Cupcake, a lemoncello and vanilla flavored cupcake.

And out from Livermore, CA comes Unstoppable Vape Co. These guys ROCK! And have three juices to choose from. Big Vina rice krispies flavorKeemeean orange creamsicle; and Mousea vanilla, caramel, and banana flavored cupcake.

Next up on our selection of new juice lines, is Stratus, with two juices for you to choose from. First up, Flurry, a cereal inspired juice that tastes like a big bowl filled with Fruity Pebbles AND Trix!; and second, Surgea nice strawberry and vanilla cake flavor.

Have you been looking for a nice creamy yogurt flavored juice? Look no further! We've got Versus Vape's Annexa creamy peach and mango yogurt.

Do you remember eating Airheadz more than any other candy as a kid? Now you can vape it! Pick up a bottle of Vape Trooper's new juice, VapeHeadz, a blue raspberry airheadz inspired juice!

Now available in store from Aloha Vapes, their new juice, Souljahz, a nutty blueberry custard juice. This juice has been described as the blueberry Milk Money!

And just in this week, NKTR's Mango, a nice ripened tropical mango that is sweet from inhale to exhale!

Finally, 7Daze's Selfie Sundaya nice red apple, just like the ones used in a those apple juice boxes from when we were kids! Although this isn't too new, it's been selling like crazy! We couldn't pass up the opportunity to fill you guys in on this juice if you haven't already heard of it. You'll definitely want to come pick up this juice before it's all gone!

Be sure to come in and try out all these new juices! If you already have, leave a review for everyone to see on our online shop!

I'll see y'all at the shop!